Provisional suspensions

In some circumstances an athlete may be provisionally suspended by their sport during the anti-doping rule violation process.

Circumstances include the following.

  • Athletes can be provisionally suspended if they return a positive result for their 'A' sample; some sports’ anti-doping policies make this suspension mandatory, some do not.
  • Most sport anti-doping policies also allow the sport to provisionally suspend an athlete at its discretion, in consultation with ASADA.
  • An athlete may be provisionally suspended when an infraction notice or equivalent has been issued by the sport: this may occur outside ASADA’s processes and is determined by the sport.

We will not disclose any information about an athlete who has been provisionally suspended as this occurs during the anti-doping rule violation results management process. As a general rule we will not publicly announce details about an alleged anti-doping rule violation until the process is concluded to ensure that the athlete or support person has their privacy protected while a matter is under review. There may be instances, prior to the conclusion of the process, where the ASADA CEO may respond to public comments attributed to the athlete, other person, or their representatives.