Retroactive TUE

If you do not meet any of the criteria for an in-advance TUE, you should prepare for a planned retroactive TUE.

Under the WADA Code some athletes are classified as being allowed to apply for a retroactive TUE (rather than applying in-advance).  These are usually athletes competing below National level

Check the list of sports and criteria that shows which athletes need an in-advance TUE.

If your sport is not listed, you have not been notified of your inclusion in the ASADA RTP or DTP or you do not meet any of the criteria, you may be eligible for a planned retroactive TUE and should take the following steps:

  1. Have a medical file prepared with the information needed for a TUE in case an application is necessary.
  2. A summary of medical information required, aimed at athletes, can be found on the ASADA website.
  3. A more detailed document, aimed at Medical Practitioners, about the medical evidence needed for TUE applications can be found on the WADA website. Show the relevant information to your doctor.
  4. ASDMAC cautions athletes to ensure that their TUE supporting documentation is sufficient to meet the TUE guidelines.
  5. If you are tested you should declare any medication you are taking on your doping control form.
  6. If you are informed that your sample has returned an adverse analytical finding (positive test), you should apply to ASDMAC for a retroactive TUE.

ASDMAC will at all times, apply the TUE criteria in the WADA ISTUE  and be guided by the advice to TUE committees about the granting of TUEs for particular substances.

It should be noted that there are very strict minimum evidence requirements for all conditions.  Athletes using Testosterone are strongly encouraged to review the information required with their treating Practitioner as part of the preparation of their medical file. Preparing a medical file does not guarantee a TUE will be granted as part of the planned retroactive TUE process.

For any athlete retroactive applications may also be considered if:

  • Emergency treatment or treatment of an acute medical condition was necessary.
  • Due to other exceptional circumstances, there was insufficient time or opportunity for the athlete to submit, or for ASDMAC to consider, an application for the TUE prior to sample collection.
  • WADA and ASDMAC agree that fairness requires the granting of a retroactive TUE.