Parents' Guide to Clean Sport


The pressure to train hard, compete and achieve at a high level can lead athletes to entertain dangerous options presented as shortcuts, such as extreme dieting, excessive training, taking supplements, and doping. In addition, when young athletes move quickly through elite pathways, they may be taking medications or supplements that are banned in sport under the World Anti-Doping Code, and end up breaking the rules without understanding why.

The importance of parents to help their children achieve their sporting goals, while also teaching them respect for and appreciation of the true spirit of sport, cannot be over-emphasised.

To help parents be the consistent voice promoting safety, good health, integrity, and enjoyment of clean sport, ASADA, in partnership with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and Play By The Rules (PBTR), have designed two new exciting resources to help parents: an online course, and a brochure.


eLearning Course

Access to our online Parents’ Guide to Clean Sport course through the ASADA eLearning portal can be found here (the course takes about 30 minutes to complete).










Download the Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport by clicking on the link below.



 Parents' Guide to Clean Sport_rs.pdf



Want to know more? Click play on the video below to watch an introduction video from father and ASADA CEO David Sharpe.