What happens once an athlete is issued an infraction notice?

30 July 2015

On 29 July 2015, the Australia Football League confirmed it had issued infraction notices to Lachlan Keefe and Josh Thomas of the Collingwood Football Club.

Some people may have questions about what are the next steps in the anti-doping process once an infraction notice is issued to an athlete. While every case is unique and can take different paths, here we provide the general steps in bringing a possible anti-doping violation to a conclusion. 

Athletes are generally provided a 14-day timeframe to respond to an infraction notice under their sport’s anti-doping policy.

Athletes can waive their right to a hearing. In these cases, the sport will liaise with ASADA on the appropriate sanction in accordance with the sport’s anti-doping policy.

If a matter proceeds to a hearing, the Sports Tribunal is responsible for finding whether an anti-doping rule violation has actually been committed and for imposing any relevant sanction under the sport’s anti-doping policy.

Depending on the sport’s anti-doping policy and whether an athlete has waived their right to a hearing, athletes may be able to appeal to their sport’s anti-doping tribunal and the Court of Arbitration of Sport.