Statement to clarify AFL fining of clubs for Whereabouts breaches

8 November 2019

ASADA does not impose pecuniary fines for Whereabouts breaches. The AFL independently determines if a club has failed to provide up-to-date player whereabouts information and ensuing penalty.

The AFL determines whether clubs have failed to provide up-to-date information in accordance with their obligations to the AFL. Applicable penalties relating to this process are determined by the AFL.

In accordance with the AFL’s Anti-Doping Code, the World Anti-Doping Code and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) International Standard for Testing and Investigations, AFL players may be tested 365 days of the year for WADA prohibited substances and methods.

Under the AFL’s Anti-Doping Code, the AFL requires all clubs to submit Whereabouts of all players (including training details and off-season holiday locations) via their own custom built online database.

ASADA is provided access to this database for the purpose of locating players/clubs for testing on behalf of the AFL.

The AFL may fine a club for breaching any of the above provisions.

ASADA cannot impose monetary fines for Whereabouts failures and does not receive monies from AFL-imposed fines.

ASADA acknowledges and supports the work the AFL has done to enforce the Whereabouts system in its sport. This is an important element in maintaining the integrity and confidence of the AFL’s competition and commitment to clean fair sport.


Media statement:   Media statement AFL 8 November 2019.pdf