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Welcome to On Side, the official podcast of ASADA.
ASADA is globally recognised for continually setting new benchmarks in operating and delivering an effective anti-doping program. Our mission is to protect the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport.
This podcast goes behind the scenes of ASADA and meets the people associated with clean fair sport, it answers questions relating to anti-doping and educates you about clean fair sport.
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S1 E6 | From slow twin to fast lane with clean sport educator Kurt Hurzog

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Whooska: Episode 6

Apple Podcast: Episode 6

S1 E5 | Behind the scenes with doping control officer Margaret Anderson

Spotify: Episode 5

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Apple Podcast: Episode 5

S1 E4 | Commitment to clean fair sport with CEO of DFSNZ Nick Paterson

Spotify: Episode 4

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S1 E3 | Confidentiality undertakings with deputy CEO Darren Mullaly

Episode 3

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S1 E2 | Science, culture & religion with scientist Shereen Naz

Spotify: Episode 2

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S1 E1 | Behind the scenes of ASADA with Olympic bronze medallist & director of sport operations and engagement Emma Johnson

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Episode 1

On Side - official podcast of ASADA | Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority - ASADA

Australian Sports Anti-doping Authority - ASADA

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