Moral dilemmas in sport – What would you do?

20 December 2017

With the summer of Cricket well underway, and the Ashes secured, ASADA has today launched a new education model, based on one simple question: “Would you walk?”

The module begins by asking athletes to put themselves in the shoes of cricket legend Adam Gilchrist as he bats for his country in the 2003 World Cup semi-final.

As the ball comes down the pitch, you swing, the ball flies in the air, is caught, and immediately the opposition erupts in appeal.

You think you’re out, but the umpire disagrees.

Would you walk?

To answer the question, the module asks athletes to determine what their values are in sport, and encourages them to make the decision based on those beliefs and principles. Importantly, it highlights that there is no right or wrong answer.

Education is a key priority for new ASADA CEO David Sharpe, who said: “Values based education like this is an important part of anti-doping.”

“Athletes can face a number of tough moral dilemmas in sport, and we want to help them make those decisions by identifying the reasons they play sport in the first place, and the values that are important to them as individuals.”

“This module gives athletes the toolkit to make considered, informed choices about any ethical decision they have to make in sport, whether that’s around anti-doping or something else.”

The module takes around 10 minutes and is available to all Australians via ASADA’s e-learning platform:

It complements three previous ethical dilemmas regarding anti-doping, match fixing and illicit drugs.