Ministerial statement: New online tool to fight doping in sport

18 November 2012

Minister for Sport Kate Ellis today launched the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’s (ASADA) new website, which features an online tool to help athletes check medications.

“Australia has an international reputation of taking a tough stance against performance enhancing drugs in sport. This website is another way we’re promoting that message and educating Australian sportspeople,” Ms Ellis said.

The new online resources will help Australian athletes, doctors, coaches and support personnel to anonymously and immediately find out if their medications and substances are permitted or prohibited in sport.

These resources will give Australian athletes, and international athletes visiting Australia, the means to feel confident about what they put into their bodies.

“We know that understanding what is and isn’t allowed can be confusing for some athletes and the people who advise them. This is a way we’re educating and informing sportspeople so that they can make well-informed decisions,” Ms Ellis said.

“In the run up to major international sporting events like the Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games, it’s the perfect time to talk about the importance of staying informed about doping.”

The latest survey of athletes, support personnel and national sporting organisations, showed that the ASADA website is the most popular way to receive anti-doping information and 77% favoured the Internet for checking drug information.

Ms Ellis said that ASADA had listened to athletes and the sporting industry who wanted a simpler, easier and more accessible way to get reliable anti-doping information.

“The new-look website caters for our younger tech-savvy athletes who are at an age where getting the anti-doping message is important,” Ms Ellis said.

“ASADA’s investment in new technology shows its commitment to meeting the changing needs of athletes and the sporting industry now and into the future.”

The new website and online medication checking tool are