Media statement: WADA Independent Commission report

10 November 2015

Acting CEO of ASADA, Trevor Burgess, has welcomed the findings of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Independent Commission released today.

“This report identified systemic failures that prevent or diminish an effective anti-doping program and demonstrates the far-reaching damage doping has in international competition.

“The effects of this program go far beyond the athletes at the centre of the report. Doping and corruption affect all clean athletes that have competed against them by robbing them of their right to a level playing field on which to test their skills, spirit and years of hard work.

“The work of the Independent Commission, of WADA, and of anti-doping authorities around the world, are crucial to ensuring sport is fair.

“The threat of doping is ever-present and ASADA will continue to protect Australia’s clean athletes as we await the consequences of this report.”