Media statement: Decision of the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal - former and current Essendon players

31 March 2015

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) acknowledges today’s ruling delivered by the AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal in the cases against 34 current and former Essendon players.

The AFL Anti-Doping Tribunal found that it was not comfortably satisfied that 34 former and current Essendon players committed the anti-doping rule violation of use of the prohibited substance, Thymosin Beta 4, during the 2012 season. 

ASADA CEO, Ben McDevitt, said: “What happened at Essendon in 2012 was, in my opinion, absolutely and utterly disgraceful.  It was not a supplements programme but an injection regime and the players and the fans were so poorly let down by the club.

“While I am obviously disappointed that the charges in this instance have not been proven to the comfortable satisfaction of the tribunal, I am pleased that the tribunal was able to finally hear these matters.”

We await the Tribunal’s decision in relation to Stephen Dank.

Mr McDevitt will hold a media conference tomorrow in relation to the Tribunal's decision.