Media Statement: Coordination of Olympic Testing Programs

23 March 2016

ASADA CEO Ben McDevitt has today noted statements attributed to Mr Richard Ings, who left ASADA more than five years ago, alleging that Australian swimmers had complained to him about being subjected to multiple tests by ASADA and FINA in the lead up to Olympic trials. 

The comments attributed to Mr Ings, that such tests “indicate a complete lack of coordination between testing regimes”, are ill-informed and inaccurate.

ASADA’s testing regime in the lead up to Rio 2016 has been developed in consultation with the Australian Olympic Committee and swimming’s international federation FINA. Both ASADA and FINA are aware of each other’s testing plans and these are coordinated to ensure testing is as effective as possible.

The use of masking agents, micro dosing and other methods by athletes to avoid positive tests, necessitates a proactive approach. Athletes in many sports, including swimming, are also subject to longitudinal testing in which their blood profiles are monitored over time. In both cases, multiple tests in short timeframes can be a valuable tool in the fight against doping.  

In recent times, we have all read of the scourge of doping across multiple sports globally and ASADA makes no apology for our efforts to protect clean sport and clean athletes.