Media statement: ASADA investigation into doping in sport

14 February 2013

In response to the very serious matters raised by the Australian Crime Commission’s (ACC) report, Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) confirms that the scope and magnitude of its investigation is unprecedented.

ASADA anticipates interviewing about 150 players, support staff and administrators from two major sporting codes based on current information. The number of interviews may grow if the investigation uncovers new lines of inquiry.

The investigation is both complex and wide-ranging and will take many months to complete.

Until such time as ASADA concludes its investigation it is not in a position to elaborate on the extent of the issue.

ASADA is unable to talk publicly about its investigation and that includes speculating about, or naming clubs or individuals until such time as its legislation permits. This ensures the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of any individual under investigation is protected.

ASADA welcomes the ongoing commitment expressed by the sports to fully cooperate with its investigation.

ASADA commends the ACC for the work it has done to shed light on the vulnerabilities faced by Australian sports, including the use of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs.

Previous statements issued by ASADA are available below.



The number of interviews being conducted by ASADA is in no way related to the number of
possible anti-doping rule violations. To ensure ASADA conducts a thorough investigation it must speak
to a range of people from the sports identified in the ACC report.