Media statement: ASADA investigation into doping in sport

20 March 2013

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) is aware of the statement issued today by the NRL Chief Executive, Mr David Smith in relation to the progress of ASADA’s investigation into doping in sport.

ASADA supports the comments attributed to ASADA in the NRL statement.

Since late January ASADA has been working closely with the NRL in relation to the issues raised by the Australian Crime Commission’s (ACC) report.

ASADA welcomes the ongoing commitment provided by the NRL to fully cooperate with its investigation.

ASADA is unable to talk publicly about the specifics of its investigation until such time as its legislation permits. This ensures the integrity of the investigation and the privacy of any individual under investigation is protected.

The investigation is both complex and wide-ranging and will take months to complete. It is important to remember that in all potential doping cases it is the athlete’s reputation and sometimes career that is at stake. Therefore, ASADA has a duty of care to be both thorough and accurate in every step of the process.

Previous statements issued by ASADA are available below.