Media statement: ASADA to assess new information

13 April 2016

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) notes reports overnight that Mr Dank has allegedly admitted to a journalist that he trafficked prohibited substance CJC-1295 to the Gold Coast Suns.

ASADA considers all information relating to potential anti-doping violations, and this new information, particularly its veracity, will be assessed by our investigation unit.

Over the last three years, Mr Dank has consistently refused to speak to ASADA’s investigators. ASADA spoke with Mr Dank today, and he again refused to offer any assistance or information.

Mr Dank’s alleged admissions overnight are starkly at odds with his previous position on the matter, as ASADA notes he is currently appealing the AFL Tribunal’s finding that he attempted to traffic CJC-1295 to the Gold Coast Suns. 

ASADA needs reliable evidence and testimony in order to be able to bring forward cases of possible anti-doping violations.

The journalist in question has been approached today by ASADA and requested to provide details of the conversations he has had with Mr Dank.