Media statement: ACC report into Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport

7 February 2013

ASADA’s involvement started some 18 months ago when we were assessing intelligence about the use of peptides and hormones in sport.

Our intelligence identified possible criminal links regarding the distribution of these substances in sport.

As a result of these links we were keen to involve the Australian Crime Commission and support them through their investigation.

What the Australian Crime Commission’s report reveals is extremely disturbing.

It highlights threats to the integrity of sport and identifies the widespread use of peptides and hormones in some sports

Peptides and hormones are considered a new generation of substances and most are prohibited in sport.

In many instances, the substances are not yet approved for human use.

ASADA has commenced its formal investigation and we will investigate both athletes and support personnel.

I know many will want to know how long the investigation is going to take. This investigation is complex and wide-ranging.

Based on the report’s findings, ASADA will investigate many individuals, across a range of sports.

I cannot say how long it will take, but I can assure everyone that we will be taking the steps necessary to undertake a comprehensive and timely investigation.

As many are aware our legislation does not allow us to talk about an ongoing investigation. This ensures the privacy of any individual under investigation is protected.

I would like to put on record that the sports have committed to work with us wherever we see necessary, and are already engaged in that process.

We are urging anyone with information about doping in sport to come and talk to us. Every bit of information no matter how little could be a piece of a puzzle we need.

We started the ball rolling 18 months ago working with the Australian Crime Commission.

ASADA’s formal investigation is already underway.