Gold Coast 2018 to protect and promote clean athletes through High Integrity Anti-Doping Partnership

25 August 2017

A High Integrity Anti-Doping Partnership to support clean athletes and promote and protect the legitimacy and credibility of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games has been announced today.

The Partnership brings together the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), the Organising Committee for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GOLDOC) and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

Together, the Partnership has devised a rigorous anti-doping programme designed to protect clean athletes and the integrity of the Games.

This includes the establishment of a pre-Games Anti-Doping Taskforce which will be co-chaired by the CGF and ASADA, and comprise membership from GOLDOC, International Federations and Regional and National Anti-Doping Organisations. By sharing intelligence and conducting testing on athletes prior to their arrival at the Games, the Taskforce aims to detect and prevent doping before athletes even have the chance to step foot in the arena.

During the Games, the Partnership will ensure a strategic approach to testing, striking a balance between the testing of medallists and target-testing in response to intelligence received from the Taskforce. It will also draw on other sources of intelligence, including Australian law-enforcement organisations, in order to investigate all possible non-analytical anti-doping violations, which cannot be proven through testing, such as the possession and trafficking of banned substances.

The Partnership will also implement a comprehensive sample storage and reanalysis programme. For the first time, every single sample collected during the Games-Time period will be tanked in long-term storage facilities, for future reanalysis under the jurisdiction of the CGF.

Louise Martin CBE, President of the Commonwealth Games Federation said: “Our vision is to inspire athletes to drive the impact and ambition of all Commonwealth citizens through sport. To make this happen, athletes deserve a fair, legitimate and level playing field and sports fans need to know that their heroes are clean.

“This is why I am determined that the CGF and its Medical Commission will play a lead role in the fight against doping in sport, working collaboratively with our partners at Gold Coast 2018 and ASADA so that all athletes and supporters know we’re doing everything we can to ensure a clean Games.”

Australian Minister for Health Sport, Greg Hunt said: “Australians do not tolerate cheats, plain and simple. That is why this Government committed $1.5 million in funding to support additional testing of both Australian and international athletes in the lead up to the Games.

“This Partnership will go a long way to giving confidence to the thousands of athletes and fans who deserve a level playing field in 2018.”

Mark Peters, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games CEO, said: “GOLDOC is committed to working with the CGF and ASADA to ensure the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) provides a fair playing field for all athletes.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have purchased tickets under the understanding they will see competition undertaken in the true spirit of sportsmanship and we will do everything in our power to ensure that happens.

“This means partnering with leading international anti-doping experts and organisations to ensure we have a strategy built on best practice and the latest international technologies and processes.”

Acting CEO of ASADA Judith Lind said: “Given recent international events, the 2018 Commonwealth Games provide a watershed moment for this Partnership to raise the bar for anti-doping programmes and restore athletes and supporters’ faith in fair competition.

“The decision to tank all samples for the first time in Commonwealth Games’ history, shows our commitment to a high-integrity games, and to the protection of clean athletes the world over.”

The programme will operate under the CGF Anti-Doping Standard, which is being adapted for GC2018 by the CGF Medical Commission, chaired by Dr M Jegathesan, the CGF’s Honorary Medical Adviser, in partnership with ASADA and GOLDOC. It is designed to be fully compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and will serve as “Anti-Doping Rules” to support a level-playing field for the 4,600 athletes at the Games. This Standard authorises the selection of athletes, supervises sample collection procedures and reviews adverse and unusual analytical findings and other anti-doping rule violations.