Blog: Where are you? Whereabouts update due 7 December

3 December 2012

It’s time for Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes to let ASADA know where they are going to be over the next three months (January to March 2013).

RTP athletes have until 7 December 2012 to get their whereabouts information into ASADA.

Whereabouts can be filed online by the athlete, or by an authorised representative. If athletes are unable to submit their whereabouts online, they should contact ASADA’s Athlete Services Unit by email at, or by phone on 13 000 ASADA (27232), or if ringing from overseas on +61 2 6222 4200.

Why is whereabouts important to sport? Conducting out-of-competition testing without notice to athletes has become one of the most powerful means of deterring and detecting doping in sport. Accurate whereabouts information is crucial to ensure the efficiency of ASADA’s anti-doping programs, which are designed to protect the integrity of sport and to protect clean athletes.