Blog: The results are in…

2 November 2012

Our 2011–12 ASADA Annual Report is now available online. This report comprehensively outlines key accomplishments in our sixth full year of operation, including these highlights:

  • Partnered with the Australian Olympic Committee and Australian Paralympic Committee to implement Pure Performance programs in the lead-up to the London Games.
  • Conducted 7,196 government-funded and user-pays tests.
  • Created 28 investigation cases.
  • Entered 33 athletes onto the Register of Findings.
  • Implemented new testing processes for the introduction of Australia’s first Athlete Biological Passport.
  • Strengthened an intelligence-led approach by hosting international anti-doping professionals, participating in international staff exchanges and facilitating regional workshops.
  • Assisted in the review of the World Anti‑Doping Code.
  • Provided 18 tailor-made anti-doping education strategies.
  • Informed Australian athletes about overseas meat products contaminated with clenbuterol.
  • Hosted 49,935 online visits to Check Your Substances.
  • Administered 7,837 online completions of ASADA e-Learning.
  • Reached an agreement with UK Anti-Doping to bridge mutual intelligence and investigation strengths.

For further information about these highlights and more, read the full annual report here.