Blog: New online anti-doping course for athletes and support personnel

5 March 2015

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) has introduced a new online anti-doping course for the Australian sporting community. The course is packed with features including videos of prominent Australian athletes and support personnel and is accessible on your tablet and smart phone devices.

ASADA sees its education programme as a key tool in the prevention of doping in sport. Our programme helps develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to maintain a level playing field.

ASADA first developed an e-Learning programme in 2010 which received strong support and uptake by national sporting organisations and athletes. With the introduction of the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code(the Code), development of new technology and the growing numbers of users, ASADA saw an opportunity to re-visit the online course and give it an overhaul to meet the needs of today’s athletes.

The ASADA Education team worked in conjunction with industry experts to ensure the basics of anti-doping were addressed in a manner that is engaging and accessible. With the infiltration of smartphones and tablet computers into our everyday lives, the course was developed using responsive design to ensure it is accessible on any device, regardless of its size or operating system.

The course covers the core knowledge areas of anti-doping including information on the Code which came into force on 1 January 2015 and includes topics such as:

  • The history of anti-doping
  • The anti-doping rules and penalties
  • Prohibited substances and methods
  • Therapeutic use exemptions
  • Supplements
  • How doping control works
  • Intelligence and investigations

The course also has a supplementary module designed specifically for coaches and support personnel. It aims to provide information for coaches on their responsibilities under the Code and how to deal with some of the tricky anti-doping situations they may face.

ASADA has over 27,000 registered users on the e-Learning system and nearly 4,450 visitors monthly. On average, more than 1,000 users complete ASADA’s anti-doping courses each month.

Since ASADA introduced the new online course in December 2014, over 1,300 users have completed the course.

Click here to see a preview of the course or visit the online anti-doping course here.