Blog: A lack of anti-doping education is not an excuse!

13 March 2012

Athletes or support personnel claiming a lack of education as an excuse for breaching their sport’s anti-doping policy are doing themselves a disservice.

If you are an athlete or support person participating in a sport with an anti-doping policy you need to take responsibility for your own education.

Why should you educate yourself? Well, the consequence of not being informed could mean sitting on the sideline for two years.

If banned you will be unable to participate, as an athlete or support person, in any sports that have a World Anti-Doping Agency compliant anti-doping policy. As well as getting a reputation as a cheat, for some people this could spell the end of their sporting career.

It’s too important, so take control and get educated—ASADA e-Learning.

ASADA e-Learning is an award-winning online anti-doping education program available free to everyone who wants to protect their own and Australia’s sporting reputation.

At ASADA, we believe that anti-doping education provides opportunities for all members of the Australian sporting community to develop the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required to play their role in maintaining a level playing field.