Blog: Global DRO - Australia’s new online medications search tool for sports

26 April 2016

Searching for a medication or substance through the ASADA website has changed … for the better.

ASADA has adopted Global DRO, a new mobile-enhanced replacement for our previous search tool, Check your substances. While we have retained the name Check your substances on our website (as it has become a familiar term to the Australian sporting community), searchers will now be directed to the Global DRO online reference directory.

Global DRO provides the same critical information to athletes and support personnel about the prohibited status of specific substances under the rules of sport, based on the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. Searchers can find the status of various ingredients and brands, and more specifically whether they are classified as “Prohibited”, “Not Prohibited”, or “Conditional”.

The advantage of Global DRO over the previous Check your substances resource is that Australian athletes can now search the status of ingredients and brands of medications that they might encounter outside of Australia. Some medications obtained overseas have the same brand name as medications sold in Australia, but they may contain different ingredients. Although the name and logo may be identical to that in Australia, overseas products may contain substances that are prohibited in sport.

Global DRO offers Australian athletes the assurances they need should they find themselves in a situation where they need to purchase a medication in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Japan. This is extremely important with more Australian athletes travelling overseas to train and compete.

The Global DRO directory is updated regularly to include new products entering the marketplace, or to adjust for changes in the Prohibited List status. All data is fully verified by pharmacists experienced in the field of anti-doping.

The data source for Global DRO in Australia is MIMS (Monthly Index of Medical Specialties). MIMS has been publishing medicines information since 1963 and is the leading supplier of trusted, quality, independent medicine information to Australian healthcare professionals.

ASADA is pleased to join with its overseas colleagues in adopting Global DRO. This is another example of international cooperation toward our common goal of protecting the rights of athletes to clean and fair sport.

We believe the Australian sporting community will benefit from this new online service that provides quick and clear answers to queries about Australian, Japanese, Canadian, British and American brand name drugs.

Do you need to do anything?

Maybe. If you have bookmarked the old Check your substances web address as a favourite, we recommend you update your bookmark to the new location.