Blog: FAQs online – ASADA’s current investigation into doping in sport

19 March 2013

Under legislation ASADA has restrictions around what and when it can talk about operational matters.

We understand that at times this can lead to frustrations, but the legislation has clear and tight controls to ensure that people under review have their privacy assured throughout an investigation and result management process.

Due to the level of interest in the current investigation into doping in sport, we have decided to put up on the ASADA website responses to a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These responses only include information we can publicly disclose. We will review these FAQs from time to time to address, where possible under legislation, misinformation we come across in the public domain.

Edited 13 February 2015:

This blog article refers to content on the previous ASADA website. For current information on Operation Cobia see the relevant page here.