Blog: Award winning online education

11 September 2015

When Australian athletes next head online to complete their anti-doping education they will have access to one of the best eLearning courses available in the country ... maybe the world.

Leading industry experts the LearnX Foundation has awarded ASADA a Platinum Award for Best Bespoke eLearning Design for our improved online anti-doping course and a Gold Award for Best Deployment of a Learning Management System (LMS).

Our eLearning project has also been shortlisted as a finalist at the ‘E-Learning Awards’ in the United Kingdom. These awards feature entries from around the globe as the best of the best in online education.

These awards confirm ASADA’s ongoing commitment in offering Australian athletes with the best possible anti-doping education available.

We engaged industry experts, Kineo, to overhaul the existing eLearning course (also a previous Platinum award winning course) and make it accessible for today’s athlete. The result is ASADA’s first ever multi-device course, allowing athletes the freedom to access their learning online, at any time and on any device.

Considerable effort was taken to provide athletes with an engaging experience. Upon entering the anti-doping course, learners are presented with a visual menu that reflects the Australian National Training Centre, a fictional sporting village that has been broken down into eight destinations: accreditation desk, training venue (track), chemist, doctor, nutritionist, doping control station, ASADA HQ and a large stadium (where athletes complete their final anti-doping quiz). Each area represents a different module to help athletes learn more about anti-doping.

We all know athletes are a competitive bunch, so to satisfy their natural instincts a unique dashboard was added to track them throughout the course. Here the learners are awarded with a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal based on their performance.

While much effort has gone into making this a fun experience, substantial thought has gone into the athlete’s learning experience. The updated course allows ASADA to test the athlete’s understanding of a concept as opposed to their ability to memorise the correct response. This is extremely important when getting the answer wrong in the real world can have serious consequences to an athlete’s health and career.

The online course is supported by a new LMS that largely acts as the central portal for ASADA’s wider education resources. Among the new offerings is the ability to provide athletes with a seamless experience no matter what device they access their learning on.

Since launching the new online course in December 2014, 93 per cent of users claim they have learnt something new from completing the course and 88 per cent have found it relevant to their needs.

ASADA Education Manager, Chris Butler said working with Kineo allowed ASADA to leverage a team of world class instructional designers and eLearning experts in order to create this exciting new course.

‘We are extremely pleased with the outcome and enjoyed the collaborative journey from storyboard through to final delivery.

‘The final product more than meets our expectations and we believe the sporting community will find it a useful tool through which to discover the anti-doping subject,’ he said.

See a promotional video about the new course, or if you are ready how about starting your ASADA eLearning experience now.