Blog: Athlete whereabouts

27 January 2012

Thank you to all the Registered Testing Pool (RTP) athletes who recently updated their quarterly whereabouts information by the due date.

The last couple of quarterly whereabouts submissions have been the most successful ever with almost 100 per cent of athletes being fully compliant.

Also in the last four submissions 100 per cent of athletes used the Athlete Whereabouts Online System (AWOS) to complete their whereabouts information.

We have made a big effort to make AWOS as easy as possible for athletes to use and last year we ran a number of successful Athlete Whereabouts Training Forums at sport institutes and academies across the country designed to raise awareness of current whereabouts processes, systems and obligations.

The forums, which will be held again this year, include:

  • an introduction and background to Athlete Whereabouts
  • an AWOS demonstration
  • a question and answer session
  • an AWOS practical session – for current RTP and Domestic Testing Pool (DTP) athletes.

There will also be an opportunity at the forums for RTP athletes to receive one-on-one assistance in completing their whereabouts.

We will update everyone when these are due to kick off, and in the meantime, the whereabouts due dates for 2012 are up on the ASADA website:


Edited 16 February 2015:


This blog article refers to content on the previous ASADA website. For current information on Whereabouts see the relevant page here.