Blog: ASADA’s cycling investigation – talk to us

16 November 2012

Australia has not been immune to the fallout from the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation into the U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team. Since the release of the report in October two prominent Australian cycling figures have admitted to doping during their sporting career.

At ASADA we know that it does not end here. But knowing and having the information to act on are two different things.

The days of remaining silent are over.

The days of fearing the truth getting out are over.

The days of protecting people in the wrong are over.

ASADA is appealing to anyone with information about doping in cycling, past or present, to come forward. It doesn’t matter how little information someone provides, it could be a piece of a puzzle that leads to a doping athlete being caught, or a doping program being shut down.

Help us with our investigation into Australian cycling.


[Edit: Removed link to page that is no longer active, 2 February 2015.]