BLOG: Are you ASADA clean?

10 April 2019

Steam clean. Squeaky clean. Are you ASADA clean?

ASADA is happy to launch a new educational video—Clean Freak.

It’s a fun video that sends an important message to athletes … be proud of being clean.

Released on Play True Day, Clean Freak is dedicated to clean sport and is intended to raise awareness among athletes, the sporting public and others about the global fight against doping.

Alexis Cooper, Director Education and Innovation at ASADA says the concept of ‘Clean Freak’ came from the idea that athletes should take being clean seriously (even to comical heights).

“It’s inspired by the many athletes we speak to who are vigilant about what goes in their bodies – they would never take a medication without checking it and don’t accept the risk of taking a supplement. Some won’t even drink from a water bottle if it isn’t sealed.”

“Clean Freak celebrates athletes who take anti-doping seriously, because they know it’s their reputation on the line and they accept that clean sport is their responsibility.”

“It is also aimed at encouraging athletes to be proud of being tested, and being proud to be clean.”

School version for our younger audience

General version