Blog: Aiming for Rio

15 June 2016

Eat (properly), sleep (well), train, get drug tested, train harder, study, miss weddings, work, get drug tested again, travel, compete, miss birthday parties, train even harder … and so it goes on. 

The life of an athlete is not an easy one, especially if your aim is to represent your country at the Olympics. Like Olympics before it, the road to Rio has placed many demands on athletes who understand personal and financial sacrifices are the price they must pay to compete at the top echelon of their sport.

ASADA has put together a series of short videos with some of our dedicated and hardworking Olympic hopefuls. In their own words, past and aspiring Olympians talk about what it takes to get to the Games, as well as what it means to compete clean and what advice they have for those wanting to follow in their footsteps. 

A total of three series will be released in the lead up to this year’s Olympics. Each series includes three videos that run for about two minutes. For all those athletes choosing to compete clean, ASADA is pleased to release the first series. 

Thank you to all who appeared in the videos for giving us a personal glimpse into your Olympic journey. 

Everyone at ASADA wishes all Australian athletes the best for the Rio campaign … Good Luck.