Athlete Advisory: OxyShred supplements

4 February 2019

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) would like to advise that athletes have tested positive to supplements in the past.

As advised in September, and listed on the product’s label, EHPlabs’ Oxyshred Pina Colada Limited Edition contains Higenamine, as does the newly released Limited Edition Rainbow Candy flavour.

Once again we remind athletes that a manufacturer’s ingredients may vary from product to product, flavour to flavour.

Higenamine is a Beta-2 Agonist (which allow the lungs to take in more oxygen) and is banned both in and out of competition. If detected in your sample, you may face up to a four year ban from sport.

Research has shown that, as a cardiotonic, higenamine can increase heart rate, putting an athlete at an increased risk of arrhythmias and even death.

ASADA encourages all athletes to think seriously about whether the supplements they are taking are safe or even necessary. We also urge athletes to understand the risks that these products may present to their health, career and reputation.

Because supplement manufacturing processes can lead to their contents varying from batch to batch, ASADA cannot give any specific supplement the all clear.

To reduce your risk, ASADA recommends athletes avoid supplements all together.

Further information about supplements and the steps you can take to help minimise your risk is available on the ASADA website or our Clean Sport App – go to the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store.