ASADA ‘a world leader’ in anti-doping - Report

5 December 2018

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) Independent Observers Report on the Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast in 2018 acknowledges the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’s (ASADA) position as a world leader in anti-doping.

ASADA CEO David Sharpe says the Report is confirmation that ASADA, in partnership with the Gold Coast Organising Committee (GOLDOC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), has been able to deliver a world-class anti-doping program that has set the global benchmark for anti-doping programs.

“At a time when the anti-doping environment faces greater scrutiny, is more sophisticated and complex, ASADA continues to meet this challenge head-on,” Mr Sharpe says.

The Australian Government’s commitment to funding a world-class anti-doping program was critical to ensuring ASADA’s collective capability and expertise around intelligence, investigations, education, and information technology in order to deliver a successful program.

“The funding commitment allowed us to boost our intelligence and investigations capabilities, working with police and law enforcement agencies to help anticipate, understand and respond to doping threats that potentially undermine the integrity of sport in Australia,” Mr Sharpe says.

The Report acknowledged ASADA’s:

  • Sincere desire to serve the interests of clean athletes,
  • Tripartite agreement with the CGF and GOLDOC,
  • Anti-doping Taskforce commitment before, during and after the Games,
  • Very thorough and professional collection of information,
  • Professional and common-sense approach taken by doping control personnel, and
  • Engaging education program.

From an anti-doping perspective, the Report says this was “a Games of firsts”, and recommended future hosts of major sporting events continue to strengthen partnerships with host country National Anti-Doping Organisations.

Sharpe highlighted the successful partnerships with GOLDOC and the CGF as well as the innovative approach to education.


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