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4 February 2019

Athlete Advisory: OxyShred supplements

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) would like to advise that athletes have tested positive to supplements in the past.

17 January 2019

ASADA-UC partnership ‘limited only by imagination’

The new partnership between the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) and the University of Canberra (UC) will see both organisations further develop their major leadership roles in Australian sport.

11 January 2019

Blog: 2019 Level 2 course

The ASADA Level 2 anti-doping course is for athletes, support personnel and other members of the Australian sporting community to get up to speed on any changes to the WADA Prohibited List as well as other anti-doping information that’s important for the coming year.

4 January 2019

2019 in-advance TUE criteria updated

In January each year ASADA updates information about in-advance Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

20 December 2018

Blog: Digesting a Food First approach

Digesting a Food First approach and supplement use

Q&A with Sports Dietitian Australia’s Jessica Rothwell

18 December 2018

2019 Prohibited List


This is a reminder that the 2019 Prohibited List (the Prohibited List) published by the World Anti-Doping Agency comes into effect on 1 January 2019.

17 December 2018

Blog: The pain of opioids

For the athlete recovering from injury, prescription opioids may have an important part to play in the treatment and rehabilitation process. However, there are rules governing their use in sport.

4 December 2018

ASADA Office Relocation

The ASADA office will be relocating between 7 and 10 December 2018.

20 November 2018

Blog: ‘Few are aware’ of supplement risks

Promoted as the magic pill for weight loss, weight gain, or as a contributor for maximum sporting performance – while the darker side to supplements is often ignored.

6 November 2018

Blog: The rise of LGD-4033

There appears to be an increasing number of athletes linked to the use of the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) Ligandrol (LGD-4033).


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