Intravenous (IV) Infusion

Medical information to support a TUE application – Intravenous (IV) Infusion

Prohibited Method

Intravenous infusions (greater than 100ml in a 12 hour period) are prohibited by WADA both in and out of competition. Exceptions include infusions received during hospital admissions, surgical procedures or clinical diagnostic investigations. These are permitted and do not require a TUE.

What information is required in your application for a TUE?

  • A completed TUE application form signed by the treating doctor and athlete.
  • Detailed typed clinical letter(s) from treating doctor that includes:
    • diagnosis – summary of clinical history and examination leading to diagnosis and clarification of need for the IV infusion
    • a detailed description of the fluid that was/will be infused, the rate of infusion and any other additional relevant clinical information from the treating physician
    • clarification of why alternative measures can/could not be used, specifically oral fluids

NOTE 1: A clinical letter can be a copy of a specialist’s letter to another doctor (e.g. a GP), and at least one of the clinical letters submitted with the application must have been written in the last 12 months.

NOTE 2: The use of IV fluid replacement following exercise, to correct mild to moderate dehydration, is not clinically indicated nor substantiated by the medical literature. Oral rehydration has been shown to be as or more effective than IV fluid hydration.   

For additional information please refer to the medical information relating to your condition on the WADA website.