Information Publication Scheme

The purpose of this section is to ensure we fulfil the requirements of the IPS by allowing you to search and access the information that we are required to publish.


Who we are


What we do


Our reports and responses to Parliament


Routinely requested information and disclosure log


Consultation arrangements

We consult extensively with the sporting community, business and industry through a broad range of activities to gain essential feedback on the development, review and implementation of policies and programmes.

These consultations will be published on our website as they become available.


Our priorities


Our finances


Our lists


Our policies



Speeches of the Minister for Sport [external link]



If you would like to provide us with feedback on our Information Publication Scheme, please contact the FOI Contact Officer at:

The FOI Contact Officer
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
PO Box 1744

Phone: +61 2 6222 4259