From just a single tip-off by a member of the public, we can start gathering intelligence on an athlete or support person.

Tip-offs can be submitted through the secure online form, or by calling the ASADA hotline. These pieces of information can be as simple as seeing something suspicious, or overhearing people talk about doping.

Intelligence gathering can also arise from test results. While unusual blood or urine results on their own are not enough to establish a violation, they are recorded and used for target testing.

We also work closely with national sporting bodies, many of which have specific employees assigned to protecting the integrity of the sport. We encourage all members of the sporting community to report if they have any concerns or suspicions about athletes or support staff.

Law enforcement and other government agencies are another valuable source of intelligence and we are committed to working collaboratively with these agencies to protect the integrity of sport from doping.

Just a small amount of information could be the first piece of the puzzle. Our role is to bring these pieces of the puzzle together as it may lead to a possible doping violation being brought against an athlete or support person.


Report doping confidentially

Doping can be reported confidentially via the ASADA website, or by calling 13 000 ASADA (13 000 27232).

All information about a doping activity is important and the more detail provided the better.

We treat all the information we receive with the utmost care for privacy and anonymity and we have processes in place as per the Australian Government Investigations Standards 2011 to ensure confidentiality.

While an informant is not required to provide contact details or identifying information, providing these details will allow us to contact the person should further information be deemed necessary and will significantly increase our ability to thoroughly investigate allegations of doping.