School Visits and Lesson Plans

ASADA is here to help you both in and out of the classroom with guest visits to the classroom, professional development sessions, lesson plans and loads of resources – all FREE for you and your students to enjoy.



Face-to-Face school sessions

We know that all teachers love content matter experts to come into their classrooms to engage and excite students in their learning journeys, and now ASADA provides free face-to-face school sessions to support the study of health and physical education topics within all secondary student years.

Sessions run for approximately 60 minutes, however are flexible to suit your school’s timetable and can be tailored to the needs of the subject area.

We have a new team of elite current and former Australian athletes that have joined ASADA to spread the Clean Sport message, and are now available for classroom visits around the country.















In addition, ASADA education staff are available for free teacher professional development sessions within your school to help staff better understand the content of our education material, online learning tools and curriculum aligned lesson plans. We have found that these sessions are also a great way to workshop ideas on lesson delivery and we fully encourage teacher input on current and possible future teaching resource material.

If your school is interested in requesting a session, please contact us for more information at


Health and Physical Education Curriculum

Our short course Clean Sport 101 content and free face-to-face school visits which cover important ‘food first’ nutrition messaging and the dangers of Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs) supplement use, are both engaging and relevant for all secondary students within Health and Physical Education subject strands.

In particular, this content is vitally important for any students that are looking toward elite sporting pathways, as they are covered under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules, no matter their age or their level of competition, and who may unintentionally break the rules if they are not introduced to them from an early age.

















For years 9 and 10, we have devised specific lesson plans developed in collaboration between ASADA and National Integrity of Sport Unit (NISU), which are a free resource for teachers and fit within the National Health and Physical Education Curriculum which reflects on how fair play and ethical behaviour can influence the outcomes of movement activities. These lesson plans mirror this content and includes:

  •  discussing the role in promoting fairness and ethical behaviour in sport organisations such as the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, sporting tribunals, Australian Human Rights Commission and the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and
  •  investigating the impact of performance-enhancing drugs on individuals and sporting codes.          

For those students taking Physical Education subjects in years 11 and 12, this content would fit perfectly within the ‘Improving Athlete Performance’ units that can be found in many state senior secondary courses, such as:

  • Exercise Science’ or ‘Sports Development’ in ACT
  • Physical Education’ in VIC, SA, WA and QLD
  • ‘Personal Development, Health and Physical Education’ in NSW
  • Sport Science’ in TAS


Lesson Plans

The lesson plans include:

  • Topic 1: Integrity and Anti-Doping in Sport
  • Topic 2: Anti-Doping in Sport
  • Topic 3: Match Fixing in Sport
  • Topic 4: Illicit Drugs in Sport
  • Topic 5: Ethics and Ethical Decision Making in Sport
  • All lesson plans as one PDF
  • Teachers’ notes

The plan are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Our Education web page lists further resources for students and teachers. We highly recommend teachers and/or students explore our award-winning eLearning program, which includes relevant courses such as the Level 1 anti-doping course (60 minutes), as well as the Ethical Decision Making courses (30 minutes).

Lesson Plans - download