Not all Australians will be fully aware of ASADA’s work under the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code). The Code is in use by most countries following the unanimous adoption of the International Convention against Doping in Sport by the UNESCO General Conference in 2005.

The Code is the document that applies consistent regulations regarding anti-doping across all sports and countries of the world. The Code provides a framework for anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations for sport organisations and public authorities.

In addition to the Code, our work is subject to the ASADA Act and ASADA Regulations, WADA’s International Standards and the Privacy Act. We conduct our investigations in accordance with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Guidelines and adopt procedures and processes consistent with the Australian Government Investigations Standards 2011. These all contain provisions that regulate the work we do to protect the integrity of sport and the health of Australian athletes.

We are also subject to external scrutiny through judicial decisions, the Commonwealth Auditor-General, Parliamentary Committees and Commonwealth Ombudsman reports. 

Ultimately, all decisions made by us can be reviewed by WADA or a relevant International Federation. This means if WADA or the International Federation disagrees with any anti-doping decision made by ASADA or an individual sport, WADA can appeal that decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


Anti-Doping Framework

In addition to ASADA, Australia’s anti-doping framework includes two statutory bodies established under the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Act 2006: