The fees and charges on this page are for various services provided by ASADA.

These charges are valid for all services provided from the 1 January 2019. All charges are per test unless otherwise stated, and are inclusive of GST. 

We may negotiate revised unit costs where clients enter into contracts for significant testing programs involving combined urine and blood testing. 

Such costs are subject to negotiation and would reflect the increased efficiencies of such arrangements.


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ASADA offers world-class anti-doping sample collection services to major event organisers, national sport organisations, National Anti-Doping Organisations and International Federations.

ASADA’s sample collection services are in full compliance to the World Anti-Doping Code, and International Standards for Testing and Investigations, utilising years of experience from our fully trained and accredited in-house sample collection staff.

By engaging ASADA for sample collection services, you have access to:

  • a comprehensive doping control program (including Test Distribution Plan management)
  • ASADA’s intelligence, science and investigations teams
  • accredited personnel to carry out no-advance notice urine and blood sample collection
  • ASADA’s results management processes (as required)
  • WADA-accredited laboratory for sample analysis
  • anti-doping education resources.


Urine collection, transport and analysis

Test type

1 January 2019 ($aud)

Full-screen urine (in-competition – usually done out-of-hours) $824
Half-screen urine (out-of-competition – usually done in hours) $723
Urine ESA – analysis only on an existing collection $200
GHRFs (small) – analysis only on an existing collection $80
IRMS – analysis only on an existing collection $655


Blood collection, transport and analysis*

test type 1 January 2019 ($aud)
Blood hGH $300
Blood ABP $550
Blood ESA $325
Blood ESA – analysis in conjunction with an existing blood collection $200
hGH – analysis in conjunction with an existing blood collection $175
Additional charge per hGH/ESA blood collection – out-of-hours $225

*additional charges applicable if not collected with a urine


Other testing fees and charges

test type 1 January 2019 ($aud) 
Missed mission fee $518
Small session testing levy^ (per mission) $155
Short notice call out fee (per call out) $302
Fast turnaround (per batch) $500
Additional time charges (per hour) – Doping Control Officers $66
Additional time charges (per hour) – Chaperones $46
Additional expenses charges – flights, accommodation, etc. At cost

^ ASADA's contractual agreements for sample analysis in some circumstances require minimum levels of collections for batch testing. Where client requirements preclude ASADA from meeting these requirements additional charges may be levied to reflect the additional costs to ASADA.



Type Unit cost ($AUD)
Presentations (per hour) - first hour 712
Presentations (per hour) - additional hours 180
Additional expenses charges - flights, accommodations, etc. At cost
Athlete Testing Guide (per item, plus postage at cost) 4
Corporate brochures/posters (per item, plus postage at cost) Nil