Employee census

From 2019, agency-level APS employee census results will be made available publicly. The release of results is voluntary and aims to strengthen transparency and accountability, and raise trust in the service.


The census

The employee census collects information on important workforce issues, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS.

The results are used to inform strategies, policies, and evaluate initiatives. However, they need to be studied in context. They are results from a point in time (May to June) and reflect the perceptions of employees at that time. The APS is made up of more than 100 agencies of varying sizes and functions. Similar agency sizes and functions should be taken into account when comparing data.

For more detail about interpreting, benchmarking and comparing the results, we recommend visiting the Australian Public Service Commission’s (APSC) census landing page and reading the explanatory guide for more technical information.


Privacy considerations

The released agency-level Highlights Report contains a summary of ASADA’s APS employee census results and includes aggregated agency data. All employee census reporting is subject to strict privacy rules, meaning that reports are not produced unless there are a minimum of 10 staff responses. The APSC has considered the release from a privacy perspective and engaged with Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in the process.


Census results for ASADA

At ASADA we acknowledge that there are initiatives we are doing well and those we need to work on. Following are the results of our employee census:

Infographic showing the key highlights and areas for improvement identified by ASADA stemming from the employee census.

Agency-level Highlights Report.