Annual reports

The Annual Report provides Members of Parliament, Senators and the public with a detailed description of our activities during each financial year, reporting against planned outcomes and performance targets identified in the Health Portfolio Budget Statements.

Current Annual Report (2015:16)

A website version of the 2015:16 Annual Report is being developed. In the meantime, an accessible PDF version is available:

ASADA_Annual Report_2015-16.PDF


Previous Annual Reports

2014:15 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2014-15.PDF

2013:14 Annual Report

PDF icon asada_annual_report_1314.pdf

2012:13 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2012-13.pdf

2011:12 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2011-12.pdf

2010:11 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2010-11.pdf

2009:10 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2009-10.pdf

2008:09 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2008-09.pdf

2007:08 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2007-08.pdf

2006:07 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2006-07.pdf

2005:06 Annual Report

 ASADA_Annual Report_2005-06.pdf