ASADA is Australia’s national anti-doping organisation established in 2006 by the Australian Government. Our role is to develop a sporting culture in Australia that is free from doping, and where an athlete’s performance is purely dependent on talent, determination, courage and honesty.

We deliver an integrated anti-doping programme that is consistent with the principles of the World Anti-Doping Code and International Standards, and work closely with sports, athletes, support personnel, law enforcement agencies and governments in:

  • designing and delivering education and communication programmes
  • detecting and managing anti-doping rule violations, from athlete testing to managing and presenting anti-doping rule violation cases
  • conducting anti-doping intelligence and investigations cases
  • monitoring and reporting the compliance of sport anti-doping policies
  • supporting athletes to meet their anti-doping obligations.

We are at the forefront of international efforts to tackle doping in sport. We collaborate with foreign National Anti-Doping Organisations, the World Anti-Doping Agency and other stakeholders to influence the anti-doping agenda and further the Australian Government’s efforts to harmonise anti-doping practices internationally.