2016-17 Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment

Foreword from the CEO

I am pleased to present the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority’s (ASADA) self-assessment report on the agency’s 2016–17 performance against the Regulator Performance Framework.

The Regulator Performance Framework aims to encourage regulators to undertake their functions with the minimum impact necessary to achieve regulatory objectives and allows regulators to report objectively on the outcomes of their efforts to administer regulation fairly, effectively and efficiently.

This report demonstrates how we see ourselves performing against the framework’s measures when interacting with our stakeholders, while in the performance of our functions.

In 2006 the Australian Government established ASADA to protect the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport, through engagement, deterrence, detection and enforcement activities. Since its establishment the agency has demonstrated an ability to implement, administer and monitor its regulatory work within a complex global anti-doping environment and consistent with the principles of the World Anti-Doping Code.

In the sophisticated global doping environment we are fully aware that administering the technicalities of anti-doping legislation is not enough. We exercise choice in where we focus our resources to achieve the best outcomes for athletes and sports. This is expressed in our risk appetite, which balances the need to manage regulatory burden with proactive identification and management of risks.

Our regulatory role matures as we gain a deeper understanding of our stakeholders and of the impact of our activities. To gauge our impact we actively seek feedback through surveys, discussions, workshops and other forums. We are pleased with the results in this report as they demonstrate our commitment to good regulatory practice, which is endorsed through the positive feedback received from our regulated stakeholders.

By adapting to changes in our, and our stakeholders’ operating environment, we will always be presented with opportunities to improve the way we apply our regulatory mandate for the betterment of clean and fair sport in Australia.

David Sharpe APM OAM